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Revealed: Nick Saban campaign poster

Relax, Alabama politicians, University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban does not want your job. But he and the Crimson Tide will indeed be on the campaign trail over the next several months, stumping for a spot in the newly formed 4-team College Football Playoff.

It’s an election year, so in an effort to stoke the fire of college football partisanship, ESPN is releasing a series of campaign posters, starting with the top 4 schools in its pre-season power rankings.

Alabama is ranked number 2, just behind defending National Champions, Florida State.

Alabama’s campaign poster features Saban glaring right into the soul of anyone who dares to look in his direction. Obama had “Hope” and “Change.” Saban has “The Process.”

Fortunately for Alabama fans, their Commander-in-Chief actually tends to deliver on his promises.

But it won’t be easy this year. ESPN writer Alex Scarborough suggests that the success or failure of Alabama’s 2014 campaign will depend heavily on whether or not their new campaign (game) manager Jacob Coker can guide them to victory.

ESPN ranks Alabama’s offense number 10 in the country, but that ranking comes with the assumption that Coker is as good as advertised, in spite of the fact that he only threw 41 passes in his three years at Florida State.

But as usual, Alabama is a candidate who is truly strong on defense.

ESPN ranks Alabama’s defense, which will be anchored by senior linebacker Trey DePriest, number 3 in the country.

Saban’s campaign poster can be seen below. Will he once again lead to Crimson Tide to the highest college football office in the land?

Nick Saban campaign poster

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