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Reps. Aderholt, Carl, Palmer demand answers from Biden about halting aid to Israel

U.S. Reps. Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville), Jerry Carl (R-Mobile), and Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) joined more than 100 members of Congress in seeking answers from President Joe Biden about why he halted military aid going to Israel.

Biden admitted his administration paused the shipment of 1,800 bombs to Israel during an interview with CNN Last week. Biden said it was an attempt to prevent the country from moving forward with its invasion of the city of Rafah in Gaza.

The members of congress sent a letter to the president, criticizing his betrayal of America’s main ally in the Middle East.

“This move is part of a pattern of your administration hindering arms sales to our allies without sufficient explanation or strategic foresight,” the letter said. “In December, your administration placed a hold on a delivery of more than 20,000 U.S.-made rifles to Israel. In addition, last year, reports indicated that the backlog in approved but unfulfilled transfers of Arms to Taiwan amounted to $19 billion.”

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The members of Congress argued that this will hurt America’s relationship with other allies in the world.

“These delays hurt our allies and defense industrial base and are deleterious to our national security,” the letter continued. “Our allies and partners need to know they can rely on U.S. manufacturing to deliver the equipment and material they need to protect their national security. The world is watching your administration’s unique scrutiny of Israel when it comes to weapons shipments and foreign policy decisions more broadly, and the rest of the world now believes that with enough contrived public scrutiny, the U.S. will fail our allies.”

They reiterated that the U.S. needs to continue to support Israel in its war against Hamas.

“The U.S. must stand with our allies and strategic partners,” the letter said. “Through actions and words, your administration, President Biden, has made our allies unsure about our loyalty to them. The U.S. must stand with Israel throughout their conflict and support them until they accomplish their goal of dismantling Hamas.”

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