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Rep. Mike Rogers in 140 Characters or Less

Congressman Mike Rogers Yellowhammer Politics

“…In 140 Characters or Less” is a new feature on Yellowhammer Politics. We’ll be interviewing politicians, insiders, activists and other notable figures — with the catch being that their answers must be in 140 characters or less. When possible, we conduct the interviews in real-time on Twitter — then post them on YH when they’re complete. (Follow us on Twitter)

Today, we tweeted with U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers from Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District. We discussed what it’s like being married to a judge, how important his committee positions are to getting things done for his district, why he was attracted to Mitt Romney’s candidacy early on, and more.

Rogers is Chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation Security, and serves as a senior member on the House Armed Services Committee. His top priorities include strengthening East Alabama’s vital military facilities, advocating strongly the state’s agriculture interests, and helping grow the state’s economy to provide new opportunities for jobs and development.

Quick Facts on Congressman Rogers:
Name: Michael Dennis Rogers
Age: 53; born July 16, 1958
Home Community: Saks, Alabama
Family: Wife Beth, daughter Emily (17), sons Evan (16) and Elliot (14)
Education: BA (1981) and MPA (1984) from Jacksonville State University; JD from Birmingham School of Law (1991); Honorary PhD from Jacksonville State University (2010).
Former Occupation: Anniston attorney and businessman