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Rep. Byrne ‘actively looking’ at U.S. Senate run against Doug Jones

During an interview with WPMI on Wednesday, Representative Bradley Byrne (AL-1) expressed and expounded on the possibility of him running against Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) in 2020.

“I’ve made no secret about it. I’m actively looking at running for the Senate in 2020,” Byrne said.

Byrne, who said he wants to focus on national issues that are impacting Alabama, made it clear that he had been weighing his options and traveling around the state to talk with people outside of his district.

“I know Senator Jones. I’ve known him for a long time. I have nothing personal bad to say about him, I like him personally and admire his work as a prosecutor. I don’t think that his political philosophy lines up with the political philosophy of the average person in Alabama,” he told WPMI.

Byrne mentioned that Alabama would need a Republican to run as an alternative for those who had differing ideology from Jones.

“I love what I am doing. I’m not unhappy being in the house. It’d be a good thing for me to stay in the house as long as the people from my district want me to stay there,” said the Congressman.

“We in Alabama have become accustomed to having very strong U.S. Senators,” added Byrne. “I just don’t think, and I don’t mean this in any way personal, that Sen. Jones fits into that mold.

Byrne said in the interview that he needs a partner who is willing to get things done for his district and the state.

“If there’s not anybody else to do it, who I think can get the job done, then yes I’m happy to do it. I would do it with a smile on my face, but I understand that this is a decision that’s ultimately up to the people of the state of Alabama,” he stated.

@RealKyleMorris is a Yellowhammer News contributor and also contributes weekly to The Daily Caller

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