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Renovation of impactful Alabama ministry reveals the power of giving

C/O Jimmie Hale Mission
C/O Jimmie Hale Mission

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Since 1944 the Downtown Jimmie Hale Mission, Inc., more commonly known as The Jimmie Hale Mission, has been a multi-faceted ministry with impactful programs that shelter women and children, house the homeless, and operate fundraising thrift stores. Sunday, The Jimmie Hale Mission opened its doors for a public open house to show updates to its Jesse’s Place facility.

The newly-renovated Jessie’s Place, a ministry for homeless women and children, was completed by volunteers from a local church group and Jessie’s Place staff.

During the open house event, families, church groups, volunteers and other supporters enjoyed a tour and learned how they could become more involved in this great ministry.

“Many ladies come from different walks of life so just having new rooms, its just like a new start and also its more like home, it’s comfortable, it’s cozy and sometimes that’s what you need when you’re coming from different walks of life,” said Director of Jessie’s Place, LaTonya Melton.

“We would like to thank all of our supporters that attended our open house and our donors for their contributions. You helped us make Jessie’s Place a home for our women and children and not just a homeless facility. Thank You.”

Jessie’s Place is located at 2305 5th Avenue N., and all are encouraged to support the ministry by making a donation or donating their time for homeless women and children.

Monetary donations can be given online at www.jimmiehalemission.com.