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PSC offers support for Ukraine, takes Biden to task for poor energy policy

While wearing the national colors of Ukraine, all three members of Alabama’s Public Service Commission (PSC) offered their support to the citizens of the war-torn country on Tuesday.

Commissioner Chip Beeker told Yellowhammer News that the commission was proud to join so many others around the nation and the world in support of Ukraine.

“We should all be in prayer for the people of Ukraine,” Beeker emphasized. “Their resolve in the face of devastating actions by that dictator Putin has inspired millions around the world. We’re glad to show even a small gesture of support here in Alabama.”

The three members of the PSC were unified in their assessment that Russia’s actions against Ukraine would have a ripple effect across the world’s economy.

They also placed the blame for that impact on the United States squarely on the feet of one person.

“What we’re tragically seeing is a direct result of continued weakness and incompetence from Joe Biden,” remarked Commissioner Jeremy Oden. “The impact of this war on freedom in Ukraine will result in worldwide consequences, including for hardworking Alabama families here at home.”

He continued, “One of the biggest losses will be in the energy sector. People wonder why the Keystone pipeline is so critical — it would’ve been the major supply chain for oil in the United States. It is shut down under this failed, radical president. And the very day that Russia began its assault on Ukraine, Biden’s out-of-touch administration suspended new American oil and gas leases and permits to drill on federal lands and water.”

Oden believes that had Donald Trump remained President of the United States, the nation would be in a much different position.

“Under the strength of President Trump, our America First energy independence was lowering costs for Alabamians and bolstering our national security,” he explained. “I was proud to fight alongside President Trump for our commonsense, conservative energy agenda.”

In a speech to open the PSC meeting, Cavanaugh pointed out that the crisis in Ukraine “should remind all of us that the leaders we choose can make good decisions that promote peace and prosperity and the reverse is also true. Bad decisions can have devastating consequences.”

She, too, noted that the energy decisions Biden made immediately upon taking office have ravaged America’s energy independence.

“It is now crystal clear that these decision that make us dependent on Russia and the Middle East for our oil are bad policy for America,” Cavanaugh stated.

Earlier in the week, Cavanaugh took to social media to demonstrate the depth of America’s energy dependence under Biden policies.

Oil closed on Monday night valued at $109 per barrel. That is more than double its price one year ago.

Russia’s direct assault on Ukraine soil has entered its seventh day.

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