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Prominent tea party activist named Alabama Eagle Forum executive director

On Thursday, Eagle Forum of Alabama President Eunie Smith and Foundation President Jim Cooper announced Becky Gerritson as the conservative organization’s new executive director.

Gerritson has been a prominent activist in the state since founding the Wetumpka Tea Party in 2009. In 2016, Gerritson received Heritage Action Sentinel’s Firewall for Freedom Award. She was also named in Yellowhammer Multimedia’s 2017 regional Power and Influence List.

The tea party leader even gained national acclaim for her testimony before Congress after Obama’s IRS unfairly targeted the Wetumpka Tea Party and other organizations for their conservative beliefs. She has been lauded by conservative figures across the country, including Rush Limbaugh and Fox Business’ Stuart Varney.

“It is an honor to welcome Becky Gerritson as our Executive Director,” Smith said in a press release. “Becky is an effective conservative leader with a long history of championing the values that Eagle Forum exists to preserve. I have every confidence in Becky’s leadership abilities, and I believe that as Eagle Forum of Alabama Executive Director she will continue to be a bold and respected voice of conviction, principle, and informed policy in Alabama.”

Gerritson was a Republican candidate for Congress in Alabama’s Second Congressional District in 2016, losing to Congresswoman Martha Roby in the primary by a margin of 66 percent to 27 percent.

“Eagle Forum has been an influential powerhouse of principled conservative thought and grassroots activism for decades,” Gerritson outlined. “I am thrilled to be on the leadership team of this incredible organization. As Alabama moves into 2019 and beyond, it is crucial that our principled conservative voice be stronger and more compelling than ever. I look forward to continuing the fight for our future and our republic with Eagle Forum of Alabama.”

Eagle Forum is a national organization founded by Phyllis Schlafly in 1972. Before passing away in 2016, Schlafly endorsed and praised Gerritson.

“Becky Gerritson is a proven leader. She understands that sound governance doesn’t mean just passing bills that the president will sign, as the current Congress continues to do,” Schlafly outlined. “She knows that sound governance means upholding and defending the Constitution, protecting the security of the American people, and defending the values that have made our country great.”

“Her dedication and passion for the conservative cause has been seen not only by Alabamians but by the nation as she has fearlessly and tirelessly fought against the progressive agenda and big government,” Schlafly added.

The stated mission of Eagle Forum of Alabama is to equip and activate citizens with timely information from a conservative, constitutional point of view on public policy issues that affect the family.

Sean Ross is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn