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Pro Tem shares wins from ‘great’ legislative session

President Pro Tem of the Alabama Senate Greg Reed (R-Jasper) shared a video recapping the accomplishments of lawmakers during the legislative session which ran from March to June. 

“I’m excited about the opportunity we had in the legislative session in 2023,” he said. “We had a great session with many priorities for the Alabama senators. And I’m proud to say that we made good progress.”

Between $1 billion in appropriation of federal funds for Alabama projects, paying off millions in debt through the annual budget process and enabling a future Alabama economy to thrive with The Game Plan – Reed thanked Senate colleagues for their work. 

“Number one was the ARPA funding resource coming from the federal government to be able to offer to the people of Alabama through the legislative process,” Reed said. “About a billion dollars allocated by the Alabama Legislature.”

The priority set and delivered was investing in sewer and water infrastructure, broadband internet expansion, and supporting hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care providers across the state.

Reed said that priority will benefit rural and urban Alabamians for decades to come.

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In April, lawmakers renewed and expanded the state’s portfolio of economic incentives to attract businesses, developments and growth. 

“The governor gave it a name, the opportunity to promote Alabama in the growth of our economy for industry and manufacturing,” Reed said. 

“We’ve had great success. But this new legislation was important to equip our Department of Commerce and the Innovate Alabama program, and being able to move forward to support what we need in drawing new industry and manufacturers to the state of Alabama.” 

The initial Alabama Jobs Act and Growing Alabama Credit was estimated to create a 173% return on taxpayer investment within two decades. Reed said the Legislature doubled down on that success. 

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Lastly, Reed said a roughly $3 billion surplus across the state’s General Fund and Education Trust Fund were invested wisely. 

“I felt like we made great progress and have been able to support small businesses, support our defense industry in North Alabama, automobile and aircraft manufacturing throughout our state – all kinds of innovative opportunities that we touched on in the Game Plan,” Reed said. “As well as being able to move forward the knowledge-based economy for the future.” 

He also thanked the people of the state for allowing their senators the opportunity to represent them in Montgomery and said he’s proud to serve as Pro Tem. 

“Alabama had a great session in the Alabama Senate,” Reed said.

Grayson Everett is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. Follow him on Twitter @Grayson270 

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