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Pro-life advocates urge Doug Jones to buck ‘radical abortion lobby,’ confirm Trump SCOTUS nominee

The national pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony (SBA) List joined pro-life Alabamians and the state’s Republican Party Chair Terry Lathan in Mobile on Wednesday to urge Senator Doug Jones (D-Mountain Brook) to confirm President Donald Trump’s nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, to the United States Supreme Court and buck “the radical abortion lobby” that helped get Jones elected.

“We urge Senator Jones to stand against Chuck Schumer and the radical abortion lobby; stand with the President…and pledge to vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh immediately,” Jill Stanek, SBA List’s National Campaign Chair, said at the Mobile rally, per Alabama Today.

She also reminded Alabama’s junior senator that a majority of Alabamians polled support Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

“Polling shows that 53 percent of Alabama voters agree President Trump has chosen well qualified judges for the Supreme Court,” Stanek added. “And 54 percent want the Senate to confirm Kavanaugh.”

The SBA List is one of several conservative groups asking Jones to confirm Trump’s nominee, even though Jones views these efforts as “silly” and “a waste of time.”

The Judicial Crisis Network’s massive ad buy has been flooding Alabama’s airwaves since July 9, and the NRA started their own ambitious television campaign recently.

Concerned Women for America, a Christian women’s organization, is also focusing grassroots efforts on the state.

Sen. Richard Shelby voiced his strong support for Kavanaugh’s confirmation after meeting with him a few weeks ago, but Jones still has not made up his mind and will not meet with the nominee until after his confirmation hearing.

Lathan, the Alabama Republican Party Chair, has repeatedly called on Jones to listen to the majority of his constituents, including at the Mobile rally.

“Respectfully, Senator Jones, when you go to the Senate floor there is not a moderate button to push; it is a yes, or it is a no,” Lathan said.

She continued, “Humbly, and very gratefully, we ask you, Senator Jones, to hear our voices…We are here to share with you and we are here to tell you very clearly: the people of this state want this judge seated and we’re asking you to cast that vote.”

Jones recently, talking about efforts to urge him to vote one way or the other, said, “It’s silly. It’s a waste of time.”

Sean Ross is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn

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