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Poll: Trump’s approval rating highest in Alabama for fifth straight month

For the fifth consecutive month, Alabama boasts the nation’s highest approval rating of President Donald J. Trump, according to tracking polling by Morning Consult.

In the latest survey results released, which covered the entire month of September and had a margin of error of 2%, Alabama held a 22-point net approval of the president — 59% approved and 37% disapproved.

Mississippi (21-point net approval) was the second-highest in September, followed by Idaho and West Virginia at 20.

The Yellowhammer State has alternated for the top spot with the likes of West Virginia and Wyoming since Trump’s inauguration, however, Alabama has been first consecutively now since May.

Alabama’s high watermark for net approval in 2019 has been 27 points, which occurred in each March, April and May.

Wyoming’s 28 point net approval of Trump in April was the highest this year across the country. That state’s net approval had dropped to 16 points as of September.

On Friday, it was announced that Alabama had yet again achieved a record low unemployment rate, also shattering four other economic markers.

In a statement, Republican National Committee spokesperson Kevin Knoth said, “President Trump’s economy is on a roll as Alabama reaps the rewards with an all-time record low unemployment rate. It’s no surprise Alabamians love President Trump: he continues to deliver economic prosperity for the Yellowhammer State.”

Sean Ross is the editor for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn