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North Alabama is among the top 10 most affordable places to retire

Of all the things to do, places to see and experiences to look forward to upon retirement, the one thing you don’t want to worry about is actually affording it. After all, you’ve worked hard your entire life to enjoy this moment.

Many Americans have to continue working to afford their lifestyle but in North Alabama, retirees relocate from all over the country to start a new adventure that requires no work and all play.

The 16 counties that make up North Alabama have become home to many retirees searching for “the good life” on a budget. This is because of the areas’ affordability and consistent quality of life statistics.

Depending on where you are coming from, some people may find they get an upgraded lifestyle after relocation. Because the cost of living is significantly lower than places like Atlanta, those relocating from larger Southern cities can expect a 35% decrease in housing costs as well as drops in healthcare and groceries. Overall lending itself to a more budget-friendly lifestyle that allows for enjoying the beauty of Alabama Mountain Lakes, actively participating in the outdoors, and making time for authentic cultural experiences.

Of the 16 counties, there are a few highlights. Those with an interest in arts and culture will want to lean towards Colbert County. There you can experience a lively music scene and vibrant downtown with lots of restaurants and coffee shops to keep you busy.

For a slower pace and scenic views, Cherokee County is home to the frequently visited Weiss Lake, Little River Canyon National Preserve, and Cherokee Rock Village. Ever dreamed of living on the water? Its manageable size offers low taxes on lakefront property with the convenience of a short drive to major cities like Huntsville, Chattanooga, or Atlanta.

If you find yourself a little restless and in need of staying busy, you can always settle down inside Madison County, the fastest-growing city in Alabama. The cost of living is still below the national average but offers many amenities specifically for retired military members and their families.

At the end of the day, or at the end of your career, whether you’re trying to play more golf, take more hikes, read more books or eat more food, North Alabama is a place where you can do it all.

You spent your life making sacrifices to get where you are, now it’s time you don’t have to pick and choose. Yes, retiring to North Alabama is affordable, but most of all it’s a place where you can breathe, enjoy yourself, find community and make lasting memories.

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