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Montgomery’s Steven Reed named one of America’s ’10 Mayors to Watch’

Since being sworn in less than two years ago, Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed has grabbed the attention of political and policy observers from across the country.

He was selected to the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, honored by the African American Mayors Association, appeared on “The Today Show” and named one of Alabama’s 10 most powerful and influential local officials by Yellowhammer News.

Now the 57th mayor of Alabama’s capital city has been named one of America’s “10 Mayors to Watch” by Route Fifty, a publication specializing in state and local government.

Route Fifty described its list as “a rundown of local elected leaders across the country who we think are notable for a variety of reasons.”

The outlet recognized Reed for an agenda “broadly focused on building equity and opportunity in areas like education, the economy and health.”

Among Reed’s significant achievements in his first term is an initiative to reinvest $50 million in capital projects, including community centers, public safety infrastructure, public transportation and more.

Route Fifty also had this to say about Reed’s tenure:

Reed has pushed education initiatives as well. He was instrumental in bringing together a coalition in support of a school tax increase voters approved last year, which the mayor frames as crucial for the city’s future. He also helped launch a new education tech initiative dubbed MGM codes.

Reed has made clear that he views Montgomery as a burgeoning leader in the “New South” and—in line with his business-oriented past—seems to be eyeing strategic investments to make the city more competitive among its peers.

As part of its list, Yellowhammer News similarly noted the partnerships Reed has forged within his city’s business community:

In a short time, Reed has already exhibited an ability to communicate effectively with people from all corners of the city. A former football player at Morehouse College, he received a Master of Business Administration at Vanderbilt University and has shown a keen understanding of how to meet the needs of the business community while tending to essential city services.

Joining Reed on Route Fifty’s list are mayors from Bozeman, Oklahoma City, Irvine, St. Petersburg, Kansas City, New Bedford, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City and Fontana.

Tim Howe is an owner of Yellowhammer Multimedia

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