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Mo Brooks: Send open borders advocate Doug Jones packing in November

Have you noticed how often politicians claim they want to help American families yet support policies that make poverty and hardship even worse?

Socialist Democrats like Doug Jones, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threaten America’s national security, suppress American worker wages, and take needed American jobs from struggling American families by luring millions of illegal aliens into America with promises of amnesty, voting rights, jobs and “free” welfare.

For example, socialist Democrats have, in numerous cities, passed local laws letting illegal aliens vote in American elections, thereby undermining the ability of Americans to control their own governments! And make no bones about it. They want the same anti-American laws for ALL elections in America!

Consider Jones’ border security positions:

When President Donald Trump declared a national emergency on the southern border to free up billions TO BUILD THE WALL, Jones voted “No.”

Jones worked against Americans and with socialist Democrats to kill efforts to withhold tax dollars from “sanctuary cities” that illegally support illegal aliens.

How much damage do illegal aliens (supported by Doug Jones) do to American citizens?

Per federal crime data, illegal aliens average killing 2,000+ Americans on American soil each year. These Americans would be alive today but for Doug Jones’ policies.

Per Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), illegal aliens cost American taxpayers a net tax loss of close to $9,000/illegal alien/year, for a total of $100+ BILLION per year in net tax losses! That money should be spent helping Americans, not illegal aliens.

Per Harvard economist Jorge Borjas, the surge in illegal alien labor costs struggling blue-collar families over $1,000 per year in suppressed & lost wages/year. Per Pew, illegal aliens also take millions of job opportunities from Americans each year.

Per federal data, illegal narcotics like fentanyl, cocaine and the like that are smuggled across America’s porous southern border kill 30,000+ Americans each year.

But illegal aliens are only part of the problem. Cheap legal foreign labor suppresses wages of and takes jobs from America’s white-collar workers.

America must cut the importation of lawful foreign workers to reflect and help the 40+ million Americans who lost their jobs this year because of COVID19 & economic shutdowns by America’s governors and mayors.

America needs TWO Alabama senators who prefer Americans over cheap foreign labor and will work with President Trump to combat cheap foreign labor that so badly hurts struggling American families and secure our southern border.

Coach Tuberville supports President Trump and his immigration policies, and, just as importantly, President Trump supports Coach Tuberville.

I urge all Alabamians who want to secure America’s porous southern border, who support freedom and liberty, who understand the foundational principles that have made America the greatest nation in world history, to join me.

I am voting for Coach Tommy Tuberville on November 3. I urge you to fight for America by joining me and casting your ballot for Coach Tommy Tuberville, too.

U.S. Representative Mo Brooks represents Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District

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