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Mitch McConnell-aligned super PAC drops $2M against Mo Brooks in U.S. Senate race

Alabama’s 2022 race for the U.S. Senate has proven that there is no love lost between U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

Federal Election Commission (FEC) records unveiled last week that the Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), a super PAC affiliated with the Senate GOP leader, has invested $2 million to oppose Brooks’ senatorial candidacy.

The contribution was made to Alabama’s Future, a super PAC that has spent nearly $4 million in negative campaign ads against the North Alabama congressman.

This is not the first time that SLF has intervened in a Yellowhammer State Republican primary election in an effort to derail Brooks’ political ambitions.

The last time SLF involved itself in the state’s political affairs was in Alabama’s 2017 U.S. Senate GOP primary, a special election which was triggered by the appointment of former U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Mobile) to serve as attorney general under the Trump administration.

SLF launched a multi-million dollar campaign to defeat the senatorial bids of Brooks in the primary and former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore in the runoff. The PAC’s preferred candidate in the race was then-U.S. Sen. Luther Strange (R-Mountain Brook).

Brooks has consistently placed McConnell, an Alabama native, in his crosshairs throughout the campaign trail.

In March, Brooks announced his intentions to “fire” McConnell as Senate GOP leader, who is expected to again become the upper chamber’s top-ranking member should Republicans regain control of the body after November’s midterm elections.

When former President Donald Trump rescinded his endorsement of Brooks, the congressman contended that the 45th president had allowed McConnell to “manipulate” him.

In his campaign’s second TV ad, the Brooks campaign direct took aim at McConnell, saying the Senate GOP leader “spent over $15 million attacking him” because “Washington RINOs don’t want a Senator Mo Brooks.”

In a statement provided to Yellowhammer News concerning SLF’s involvement in the race, Brooks campaign spokesman Will Hampson said that the congressman’s GOP primary rival Katie Britt was McConnell’s preferred candidate.

“Katie Britt is Mitch McConnell’s candidate. He’s supporting her and funding every lying ad against Mo Brooks,” stated Hampson. “Like in 2017, McConnell is trying to buy a RINO a Senate seat in Alabama. He hates Trump and America First candidates like Mo. Britt is bought and paid for by the Swamp. This is why President Trump will never support Katie Britt — she’s Mitch McConnell’s candidate. Anyone who claims to be MAGA cannot support or vote for Britt. Period.”

Regarding the assertion that Britt held the support of McConnell, Britt expressed her desire for out-of-state PACs to not intervene in the race.

“This is completely false. I believe that all of these D.C. super PACs should stay out of our state, whether it’s SLF or Club for Growth (the original Never Trump Club for China) and the Lincoln Project liberals backing my opponents,” said Britt in a statement to Yellowhammer News. “I hope they know that once I get to the Senate, I will usher in fresh blood and the next generation of conservative leadership to shake things up in Washington.”

“My loyalty is to the people of Alabama and only the people of Alabama,” she continued. “And our campaign is surging because hardworking Alabamians know that I am the best candidate to defend our Christian conservative values, fight for the MAGA agenda, and preserve the American Dream for our children and our children’s children.”

The former Business Council of Alabama head outlined the economic priorities she would look to implement as a member of the upper chamber.

Britt added, “In the Senate, I will fight to secure our border and finish building President Trump’s wall, achieve American energy independence and dominance, onshore good-paying jobs, shore up our domestic manufacturing and supply chains, end the reckless spending that’s pouring fuel on Joe Biden’s inflationary fire, and put money back in everyday Americans’ pockets. On day one as Alabama’s Senator, I will work to implement my plan to drive up American wage growth, benefitting families and communities in every corner of our state.”

“I will continue to work hard to earn the vote of patriots across Alabama so that we can restore America First leadership and strength in Washington,” concluded Britt.

Brooks and Britt, along with U.S. Army veteran Mike Durant, will appear on the GOP primary ballot May 24, 2022. Should no candidate earn more than 50% of the vote, a runoff election will be held June 21, 2022.

Dylan Smith is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @DylanSmithAL

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