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Mike Rogers says no to any potential Iran nuclear deal — ‘I’m never going to trust them’

The Biden administration continues to negotiate with Iran over a new nuclear agreement, which would be a revised version of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The Trump administration pulled out of the previous agreement with Iran in 2018.

One Alabama congressman and the current ranking Republican on the Armed Services Committee says he can’t see himself supporting any new deal with Iran.

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Saks) joined WVNN’s “The Yaffee Program” on Tuesday to explain why the United States shouldn’t join any new agreement with the Middle Eastern country.

“I don’t trust Iran any more than I trust Pakistan or Turkey,” he said. “Iran will never agree to any deal that allows international inspectors to come in and if we can’t inspect I’m never going to trust them.”

Rogers said that no matter what deal is made, Iran is going to continue pursuing nuclear weapons.

“The fact is Iran is going to continue to enrich uranium, so they can get away, no matter what the deal says,” he explained. “Once that happens, everybody in that neighborhood is going to want to have weapons, nukes.”

The Alabama congressman was not optimistic that the United States would be able to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons while Joe Biden is still president.

“I do not see that being the case until we have a strong president, and we will not have a strong president for at least two and a half more years,” concluded Rogers.

Rogers also took a shot at Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris over their current handling of foreign policy.

“I worry about everything the Biden administration does,” he said. The only thing that worries me more is if that Vice President’s involved.”

Michael Yaffee is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts “The Yaffee Program” Weekdays 9-11am on WVNN. You can follow him on Twitter @Yaffee

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