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Mike Rogers: Political bias within DoD must be addressed by Congress

U.S. Representative Mike Rogers (R-AL), the ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee (HASC), released a statement on Wednesday regarding recent reports of political bias within the Department of Defense.

“I am greatly concerned by numerous press reports of conservative voices being silenced in the Department of Defense while Departmental leadership defends and protects left-leaning voices,” said the East Alabama congressman.

One prominent case arose this week with Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier being relieved of his command at U.S. Space Force.

“The United States Armed Forces should be focused on preparing to face and win any battles against the threats posed by China and other foreign adversaries and not imposing political beliefs on those who chose to serve in uniform,” Rogers remarked.

Rogers is the top-ranking Republican on HASC, which has jurisdiction over the Armed Forces and the related spending authorization process.

“My Republican colleagues and I hear regularly from active duty and retired service members that even holding conservative values is now enough to endanger a servicemember’s military career,” he concluded. “I believe that this is an issue that must be addressed in this year’s NDAA and look forward to working with my Republican colleagues on the committee and any free-speech minded Democrats interested in joining our cause.”

Sean Ross is the editor of Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn

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