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Mike Durant endorsed by Combat Veterans for Congress PAC — ‘I will be a fierce fighter for our military’

Wednesday, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike Durant announced that his campaign had been endorsed by the Combat Veterans for Congress PAC.

In a statement touting the endorsement, Durant proclaimed his intentions to be a “fierce fighter” for the U.S. armed forces as Alabama’s junior senator.

“I am humbled to have the support of the Combat Veterans for Congress organization,” said Durant. “There is no greater honor than having the support of my brothers and sisters in the armed forces. I spent 22-years in the Army defending our freedoms with the toughest warriors in the world. In the Senate, I will be a fierce fighter for our military and will always ensure that they have the resources and support necessary to complete the mission.”

Ret. USN Captain Joseph R. John, co-founder and chairman of Combat Veterans for Congress PAC, stated that the former “Black Hawk Down” aviator would govern as a fiscal conservative and defend constitutional freedoms in the upper chamber of Congress.

“The Combat Veterans For Congress PAC is endorsing the 146th Combat Veteran For Congress in 13 years, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Michael J. Durant. CW4 Durant is running to save the dream that is the America he fought for, and to protect and defend the US Constitution,” declared John.

“CW4 Durant is a fiscally conservative candidate who will work to reduce the national debt, cut taxes, will work to unleash the economic growth in the private sector, and stimulate business investment to create jobs for Alabama residents,” he added. “He is an avid supporter of Law Enforcement, will fight to strengthen the US Armed Forces, will protect the Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Speech guaranteed by the US Constitution. He will defend traditional Family Values and will provide “true” representation for the average American voter in Alabama and in the Republic.”

John asserted that Durant would oppose fiscally liberal policies promoted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) “Marxist Caucus” and support legislation to secure the U.S. southern border.

“CW4 Durant understands issues facing members of the US Armed Forces and will ensure they are cared for both while serving their country on active duty, as reservists, and in their retirement years as Veterans,” he continued. “He strongly supports The Free Enterprise System, opposes Communist China’s Marxist agenda a threat to the founding principles of the Republic, and will work to stop the out-of-control spending by irresponsible Socialist Democrat members of Pelosi’s Marxist Caucus. CW4 Durant will support securing the wide-open southern border, to prevent the entry of drugs, MS-13 gang members, terrorists, human traffickers, and the over 200,000 Illegal Aliens from 160 countries who are entering the United States each month.”

John concluded, “The Combat Veteran’s For Congress PAC is pleased to endorse CW4 Michael J. Durant, USA (Ret)(POW)(WW) who will bring to Congress extraordinary public sector and private sector skills and wisdom to better solve problems and represent the state of Alabama and the Republic. If you review CW4 Durant’s positions on his Web site, you will be pleased with his stands; they agree with the Combat Veterans For Congress Mission Statement. We look forward to working with CW4 Durant and are pleased that a Combat Veteran of his caliber is running for the US Senate.”

Durant will appear on the May 24 Republican primary ballot along with opponents U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) and former Business Council of Alabama head Katie Britt.

Dylan Smith is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @DylanSmithAL