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7 Things: Biden has a ‘plan’ for inflation that includes shifting blame, Alabama’s U.S. Senate race tightens up and more …

7. People who live on Twitter are mad Trump might come back to Twitter

  • Twitter has already accepted Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s offer to buy the social media platform for $44 billion. Now, Musk has said that if he were to follow through and take the company into his possession, former President Donald Trump would be allowed back on the site. He will join Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Ayatollah of Iran and the bigots at Ruth Sent Us who plan protests at Catholic Churches on the platform.

  • Musk said that the original ban “was a mistake because it alienated a large part of the country and did not ultimately result in Donald Trump not having a voice.” Musk added that the ban was “foolish in the extreme” and a “morally bad decision.” When news first emerged that Musk might buy the platform, Trump said that he would not rejoin the site even if he was allowed.

6. About 6,000 Ukrainians coming to the United States

  • The United States is preparing to potentially receive Ukrainians who have been approved to enter the country. The Department of Homeland Security announced this with their new program “Uniting for Ukraine.” Through the program, 6,000 individuals have already been approved.

  • Ukrainians who qualify to come to the United States through the program will be granted entry for two years and be able to apply for work permits while here. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said, “We are proud to deliver on President Biden’s commitment to welcome 100,000 Ukrainians and others fleeing Russian aggression to the United States.” In April, the DHS said that about 15,000 Ukrainians came into the country.

5. Alabama church apologizing for Tim James’ rhetoric

  • Gubernatorial candidate Tim James recently visited the Life Chapel church in Rainsville, where James made comments about visiting Richmond, Virginia, where he said people had “tattoos from the head to the toe.” He added, “Some girl came walking by. I mean she was about six four, plus her heels, and she had a great big old mohawk, nothing down each side but a tattoo. And it was a freak show.”

  • The church has now removed the post that contained the video of James, saying, “While we are very passionate about God’s people leading in every sphere of influence, and while we align ourselves with Biblical values, we did not feel the particular statement that has drawn so much attention reflected the heart of God, nor the heart of this church.” The church went on to add, “For far too long, the church has been a place lacking hope and comfort for every type of person…A place where only certain people fit in or belong. This is not our heart, nor is it the heart of God.”

4. No, you can’t just protest outside of a Supreme Court justice’s house

  • Former U.S. Attorney Jay Town recently spoke about the protests that have taken place outside of the homes of U.S. Supreme Court justices Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts and explained how protests of this nature were “a violation of federal law.”

  • Town said that it was illegal if the purpose was “to intimidate them into a certain result or decision.” He added, “President Biden has an obligation to say ‘look you don’t go to people’s homes in the middle of the night and yell threats at them, alright, there’s a time, place, and manner to protests and that ain’t it.’” Despite these protests taking place, the Department of Justice has stayed silent on the issue.

3. New review supports Space Command coming to Alabama

  • A new review from the Defense Department has been released that supports moving the U.S. Space Command headquarters to the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville. The move has been contested by officials in Colorado that seek to keep the headquarters where they are currently located in Colorado Springs. Both U.S. Senators from Alabama have applauded this decision.

  • The Defense Department Inspector General’s Office has said, “We found that the process Air Force officials used to select Huntsville, Alabama, as the preferred permanent location for the U.S. Space Command headquarters complied with law and policy and was reasonable in identifying Huntsville as the preferred permanent location.” It has been requested that the “selection criteria of ‘Childcare,’ ‘Housing Affordability” and ‘Access to Military/Veteran Support’” be reviewed, though, “to verify that the United States Space Command Headquarters basing decision was supported.”

2. U.S. Senate race is very much in play for all the 3 major candidate

  • Another new poll in the 2022 Alabama U.S. Senate race shows that the race has tightened significantly with former frontrunner Mike Durant slipping all the way to 21.4%, U.S. Representative Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) jumping to second with 22.5% and Katie Britt in the lead with 32%. Durant has come under withering attacks from fellow candidate Katie Britt and her aligned PACs. The effective attacks have focused on his 2nd Amendment position, immigration, ties to the Lincoln Project, which Durant claims he knows nothing about, claims that he is a RINO and even his birthplace.

  • With Durant dropping, Britt is the clear frontrunner, but Brooks is now in second place in this poll. The number of undecided voters and voters voting for someone else in the race shows that any candidate could be in the lead come Election Day and any candidate could be left out after a grueling and brutal U.S. Senate primary.

1. Biden’s plan to deal with inflation includes a lot of blame for others

  • While declaring, “The number one threat is the strength, and that strength that we’ve built is inflation,” President Joe Biden introduced some policies to deal with increasing inflation. Biden claimed that these policies would “help, not hurt,” and he said that he was “taking inflation very seriously.” In his statements, Biden advised that the record inflation was being caused by the war in Ukraine, the coronavirus pandemic, corporate greed, U.S. Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.) and ultra-MAGA (which surely sounded more clever when he totally came up with it all by himself).

  • Biden stated that he was going “to lower and lower and lower everyday costs for hardworking Americans and lower the deficit by asking large corporations and the wealthiest Americans to not engage in price gouging and to pay their fair share in taxes.” The president went on to say that the plan introduced by Republicans “is to increase taxes on the middle-class families, let billionaires and large companies off the hook as they raise prices, and rep profits of record amounts” and that it was “already in motion.” His plan is to boost subsidies, raise taxes, passing Build Back Better, green energy, Medicare price controls and call for more regulation. This was a campaign speech, and might tell us what the real issue is, although abortion seems to be a focus others want.