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Maeci Walker: Delivering win-win solutions for clients to better Alabama’s future – 2024 Women of Impact

Maeci Walker combines strategy with a strong will to create a meaningful difference in her field. 

After she completed grad school, Walker found herself as a volunteer on Luther Strange’s first campaign for Attorney General. It was during this time that she was connected with Martin Christie on the basis that a colleague decided she may be well-suited to be hired for the full-time position he was seeking to fill. 

Walker notes Christie’s unique approach to the job that gave her the confidence to go all in. “Martin told me I could do it for six months and walk away, no harm no foul, if I didn’t like it.” She interviewed the day after Inauguration in mid-January, officially started her role on February 1st, and saw the start of the legislative session on March 1st. 

Through this experience, she was able to learn not only the importance of her role but how to navigate challenges with quickness and agility. Fast forward 13 years and she never had to test Christie on his promise as she now maintains the title of Vice President for Christie Strategy Group. 

Walker is driven by the desire to make a true impact through her work, and she believes that lobbying is a great vehicle for this mission. She works across various issues to make contributions that ultimately shape the future of Alabama. Walker considers the work dynamic as well as vital and cites her love of getting to know interesting people with a purpose as one of the many reasons she enjoys her role.

Walker speaks of her professional relationships, “The great thing about what I do is that almost everything that I work on for my clients involves some level of relationship with people. In Alabama, we have really remarkable people serving in public office. I would put our legislature against any other state’s, pound for pound.”

She is able to refine her strategic skills through getting to know public officials and her clients while aligning opportunities to impact the state and bring mutual benefit. Much of Walker’s work is considered a win-win for all parties involved and for this she is deeply grateful.

As for inspiration, she looks to her husband R.B. Walker, Director of State and Federal Affairs for Alabama Power Company, who she considers the best in the business. His creative use of strategy to make Alabama a better place makes him the perfect figure to go to for advice when Walker seeks guidance. The conversation is always creative, collaborative, and cohesive as both share the same field as well as its occasional challenges and frustrations.

A recent success stands out to Walker as Christie Strategy Group was able to pass the Sweet Home Alabama Tourism Investment Act on behalf of their client, Gulf United Metro Business Organization (GUMBO). This new law provides tax rebates for large tourism destination projects. 

“GUMBO and Christie Strategy Group have successfully advocated for tourism incentives for 20 years, and this new law provides a mechanism that we hope can be used to grow our state’s tourism economy. It was a heavy lift, and we didn’t do it alone, but I’m really proud that we persevered.” 

Walker serves as Treasurer of the CSG Political Action Committee (PAC), handling all ethics reporting and fundraising, and as Executive Director of the Alabama Railway Association. She also serves as President of the Board of Directors of Gateway, Birmingham’s oldest nonprofit, and volunteers with The Service Guild of Birmingham and The Women’s Foundation of Alabama. In 2022, she was named one of 10 Changemakers by The Women’s Foundation.

As for the future, Walker is optimistic. She stays focused on maintaining presence in her children’s lives while pursuing her professional ambitions. As for their firm, Walker and Christie are looking to solidify the future of Christie Strategy Group. Walker will continue to take on more responsibility with the intention of becoming President of Christie Strategy Group and hopes to continue to make their client’s interests a part of Alabama’s future.

When it comes to an ultimate mission for her life and work, Walker is clear, “I want to leave a legacy for my kids, but also other women who I work with today and who will no doubt come after me in state politics. It is something I think a lot about and try to do intentionally. Whatever I do, I can promise you it will revolve around those things.”

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