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Madison assistant principal assaulted by student

A Madison high school assistant principal was assaulted by a student Wednesday while breaking up a fight on a bus.

The James Clemens High School assistant principal was hit multiple times from behind and was bitten twice. The bite was hard enough that it went through his shirt and broke the skin, reports said.

While being attacked on both sides, the assistant principal swung his hand and arm making contact with the student.

Madison Schools Superintendent Ed Nichols defended the assistant principal’s actions.

“While we hate that the altercation happened, we don’t ever want altercations between students, we also know that there comes a point in time – we’ll provide you with pictures of the injury this administrator received – that they have to have an opportunity to defend themselves from further harm,” Nichols said. “(The assistant principal) felt the need to protect himself and did so.”

When asked about videos being circulated, Nichols said “… people quickly put things out on social media. And that what you actually see compared to the context of the entire situation is not the same.”

He said the assistant principal will not be punished because he was defending himself and “did everything (he) could to de-escalate.”

The students involved in the altercation have been suspended.

Madison Police are investigating the incident and the Limestone County Sheriff’s Department will also be involved. State law requires the sheriff be notified when a school employee is assaulted.

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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