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‘They low down. They dirty. They some snitches.’ Hate week is officially here, Tide fans

(Video Above: Irvin Carney’s epic Hate Week rant)

We are approaching the fourth weekend of October, which only means one thing for Alabama fans: it’s Hate Week, the week leading up to the Tide taking on the loathed Tennessee Volunteers.

When a local journalist filmed then-Alabama student Irvin Carney expressing his hatred of the Tennessee Volunteers in 2007, Carney had no idea his remarks would turn into a viral video sensation.

“Man, I hate Tennessee because, first of all, it’s Tennessee. I just hate ‘em,” Carney began his now famous rant.

In the video, which has now been viewed well over a million times across numerous posts, Carney goes into a detailed list of the reasons he despises the Volunteers including:

1. They’re low down

2. They’re dirty

3. They’re some snitches

4. Their colors

It’s not that orange that you can stand… Tennessee’s colors… it’s that throw up orange. It’s not that orange that you can sit with. It’s that puke, inside-of-a-pumpkin orange. And I don’t like pumpkins.

5. Neyland Stadium

It looks like a garbage truck workers’ convention.

6. Their quarterbacks

And, perhaps most importantly…

7. They’re sore losers because they’re not Alabama.

“I really don’t like Tennessee, man. I can’t stress that enough, man,” Carney said before walking off camera.

And his feelings have not changed over the last several years since the video was released.

“Oh I still hate Tennessee for sure, especially that soft, pale orange,” Carney said. “I want them to lose every game from here to the next century.”

(This story is reposted from 2014)

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