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Living Life On Purpose with Matt Wilson Episode 30: Interview with Chace Hatcher

We all face trials in life, but some are worse than others. Chace Hatcher had a choice at an early age: become a victim of his circumstances, or become a victor in life.

Chace endured an abusive dad who ultimately killed himself, a mom who was an alcoholic and also abusive, and a suicide attempt of his own. He had many demons to wrestle, and it was not until he met his now-wife and developed a strong relationship with God, that his life started to take a turn for the better.

A successful entrepreneur who has formed and sold several companies, Chace has a great story of triumph over adversity.

New business formation is on the rise in America, and if you are one of those thinking about starting your own company, know that you will have to overcome obstacles to be successful. Chace is a great example of the grace of God and the power of perseverance. Find out more in this episode.

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