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Listen: Serial entrepreneur shares his vision for helping the homeless

John Wright has a vision to help the homeless community move forward through small groups, and building tiny homes.

He formed Mannabee in 2017 to help address food insecurity in Alabama, and moved to helping the homeless, specifically, in the last few years.

John has been successful in business, but now he wants to continue to follow God’s call on his life, by using his business connections to help people. The Lord placed the homeless on his heart, as he has done with mine, and John keeps serving these people to the best of his ability. John is walking alongside some of his homeless friends to keep them moving towards the purpose that God has for them, because He loves them all.

God loves everyone. No one is excluded.

John is a great example of showing that love of God, to people, and using connections to help people who are down and out, get back up and keep growing.

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