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Listen: Mom fights for daughter, special needs children

Could you imagine what it would it would be like to receive a negative diagnosis for your child, or to lose your child?

I don’t think there could be a harder thing to deal with and, for most people, it would be a hill too hard to climb.

For Erin Kiltz, it was a starting point to find solutions for her daughter Gracie.

Erin would not allow a diagnosis, or the loss of her beautiful girl, to stop her from pursuing the purpose God has placed inside of her.

After searching the country for a place for her child, she found the Brookwood Community in Houston, and ultimately decided to replicate that model in her own city.

The founder of Brookwood in Georgetown, Erin has developed a Christ-centered community that allows special needs adults to live, and thrive, and do all that she can to make these young people known for the beautiful things they create, while glorifying God.

This is an amazing story of triumph over trials that is still being written, and will absolutely inspire you to overcome your own challenges and live with the purpose God has for you.

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