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Listen: God uses spiritual gifts to reach out

Once a rebellious person, Brian Starley has now ministered for the Lord all over the World.

Brian’s relationship with God started with a powerful encounter with God. From there, God has used him in supernatural ways to reach many people.

One of the gifts of the Spirit is Words of Knowledge, and Brian operates in this gifting at an extremely high level and God has used these to reach lost people in extremely desperate situations.

Brian has seen many miracles as he also operates in the gift of healing.

In this episode, Brian shares many incredible testimonies of how God has changed him, and how he has been used to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with incredible fruit.

If you are pressing in for more of the Lord, this message will encourage you because Brian didn’t see results he wanted to see for a long time, but he kept going.

The things he has seen since he experienced breakthrough, is nothing less than remarkable.

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