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Listen: God performs miracles in Brazil and still does in America

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

God has not changed. He is the same God who performed miracles from the beginning, and He always will be. He sent Jesus to fulfill His promises. He left the Holy Spirit when Jesus went to be with the Father.

Jesus said anyone who believes would do the same works, if not greater, because He was going to be with the Father.

He said anything is possible for those who believe.

In this episode, Matt shares the testimonies of miracles he saw in Brazil as he stepped out in faith, with full belief that Jesus would fulfill His promises.

Over and over again, God poured out His Spirit and people were healed and delivered.

Do you trust God, or do you trust your diagnosis? Do you believe in His word, or only the things you can see?

Listen and be encouraged that God is still moving in power today, because He loves us, and wants to see His Son glorified on this Earth.

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