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Listen: From prison to pastor – God’s Amazing Grace never runs out.

After years of bad decisions, the law finally caught up with young Howard, and he was sentenced to prison for all of his crimes. It was by God’s grace, he didn’t receive a longer sentence.

In prison, Howard developed a deep relationship with Jesus, and started leading other men to Him, in the most unlikely place. He realized there that God had a strong call on his life, and he needed to walk in it.

Once he was released, Howard started the journey to full time ministry, and now He is the lead Pastor at City of God church in Tampa, a church plant he and his wife moved to start.

God’s grace is available for everyone, and Howard is living proof that He can use the most unlikely people to carry His message to those He loves. This is an amazing story of redemption, and it should give you hope that no matter what you are going through, God can use it for the good.

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