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Listen: From addiction to freedom, one woman’s story of success

Growing up on a sheep farm in Vermont, Katie Hamilton started with a humble upbringing. Due to the result of bad choices early in life, Katie moved to Southern California to escape some of her surroundings. As is typically the case, running from her problems didn’t work, and the behavior that plagued her on the East Coast followed her to the West.

Thankfully, God never stopped pursuing her in spite of the brokenness she was dealing with. The Lord is loving and kind, and He is constantly waiting for His children to turn back to Him. God’s grace is sufficient for everyone.

Katie was the recipient of this grace, thanks to a neighbor who invited her to church. She was freed, healed and delivered from drug addiction, physical ailments and other issues that had trapped her for a long time. Now, she is walking with the Lord in a radical way, and she is an amazing example of what God can do when we get out of the way and let Him change us from the inside out.

The founder of Gold Health Collective, Katie now works with people to help them find healing from sickness and disease from a holistic perspective, helping people realize that there is a spiritual element to sickness and drugs and prescriptions aren’t the best solutions.

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