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Listen: Founder of Iron Tribe Fitness, Forrest Walden, shares his faith and what drives him in life

Forrest Walden has been successful in all aspects of his life. In this episode, he shares how his relationship with Jesus has helped him achieve the things he has done.

Forrest is a strong believer in having a four-pillar foundation in life: Body, Being, Balance and Business. He shares how he went from a personal trainer and bodybuilder to founder and franchisor of Iron Tribe Fitness, and one of the founders of the non-profit, Neverthirst.

Forrest has his own podcast as well, Tribecast. In one episode, he shares his bout with depression and how he wanted to end it all, but overcame it with the help of Jesus and friends.

Forrest has a passion for creating things and helping others and that is easy to hear in this interview. If you want to be encouraged and challenged, this is a conversation for you.

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