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Listen: Encountering the Father’s love will change your life

Episode Preview:

Leif Hetland has an international ministry that has reached millions of people for God’s Kingdom, all over the World. He has led more than 1 million Muslims to Jesus, primarily in the Middle East.

Leif has a strong anointing of the Father’s love, and it came from being healed of an orphan spirit when he was young. When He discovered how loved he was by His Father in Heaven, he was able to share that love with others.

Leif has been through extreme hardships and trials, but they have helped him become the vessel for the Lord that He is now.

From almost dying from drug addiction, to being a great ambassador for Jesus, his story is truly miraculous, and inspiring.

For our listeners, Leif is offering a 25% savings on his master class to learn more about how to walk in Kingdom identity.

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