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Listen: California couple glorifying God by making films about testimony of Jesus

Episode Preview:

Linda Mandrayar and her husband have been making films for years. They are co-founders of Dharlin Entertainment, and their new film “Faith Beyond Doubt” is all about the life of Thomas, the disciple of Jesus, who went to India to spread the gospel.

Best known as doubting Thomas in the Bible, he actually went on to reach many people in the nation of India, and it is a story people need to know about.

Linda’s husband is from India, and she has been able to overcome various stigmas in dealing with that culture to be seen as a leader and wonderful follower of Jesus, in the midst of opposition.

Living in the San Diego area, it would be easy for the two of them to focus on the beauty around them, and other distractions in that area, versus advancing the Kingdom of God in a third world country. They have chosen to live a life of purpose, and be who God has called them to be, instead of chasing the World.

To learn more about the film, you can visit the link below:


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