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Listen: California businesswoman shares the challenges of obeying God’s call on her life

Following Jesus is never easy, but it is always an adventure. Michelle Raftery is living this out in real-time.

In this episode, Michelle shares how her family moved from Texas to California following the Lord’s call. She outlines how they started a business based on a prompting from God, then gave up that business to follow Him, and how they continue to serve well doing exactly what God tells them to do.

Obedience is greater than sacrifice, and His ways are better than ours. God’s word tells us this truth, but walking it out is not for the faint of heart. Yielding to the Holy Spirit is the greatest thing on Earth, but it can lead you to places, and situations, you never would have expected.

If you are questioning what God has called you to do, listen to this story of radical obedience and trusting Him above all else. You will be encouraged and challenged, for sure.

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