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Listen: A New Mexico pastor shares his journey from atheism to faith in Jesus

Daniel Kolson is a businessman who has pursued and achieved success at the highest levels. He bought into the thought that if you have everything you ever wanted, you would be fulfilled. The only problem was he accomplished his goals, but that fulfillment never came.

In this episode, he shares how a friend’s encounter with demons led him to search for truth. He figured either his friend was lying, which he did not suspect, or there was something greater than what he believed.

Daniel began to study various religions until he ultimately encountered Jesus. Now, Daniel is a bi-vocational pastor, who still works in the marketplace and ministers everywhere he goes.

He has seen incredible miracles performed since he started walking with Jesus six years ago. He went from a man who had no belief to a man who believes Jesus will do everything He says He would. And He has testimony to prove it.

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