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Jefferson County commissioner calls for organization in boycott — ‘If you want a boycott, boycott for real’ (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, Jefferson County Commissioner Sheila Tyson passionately urged Birmingham residents to organize and commit to boycotting the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover during a community town and prayer meeting in the wake of Emantic “EJ” Bradford Jr.’s death at the mall on Thanksgiving.

“When we organize, we can address issues like this that come up,” Tyson said in a video courtesy of WVTM 13. “Until then, we are gonna be out there hitting on people’s cars, out there in the cold.”

“You ain’t fixing to boycott the Galleria. Stop that lying! Cause you ain’t gonna do it. You ain’t gonna do it. As soon as they put them Jordans on sale for $25, you gonna be wrapped around the building. So, don’t say nothing to me about boycotting nothing! You hear me? [sic]” she told the audience.


Tyson also suggested boycotting other stores, in addition to the Galleria.

“We ain’t shopping at no store in the Galleria. We ain’t going to Walmart. We ain’t doing nothing no more,” Tyson declared. “You want a boycott? Boycott for real. [sic]”

She added, “And stay outta there buying that … makeup and all the rest of it. Let me see if [you’re] gonna boycott that. [sic]”

“I’m tired of playing. My name’s on seven lawsuits for the citizens of Jefferson County. You got the same people working [themselves] to death and we gotta stop it. Let’s boycott for real though, [sic]” Tyson said.

When an individual from the audience approached Tyson during her speech, the Jefferson County commissioner told him to get out of her face, adding, “[H]e’s messing with a real sister today. [sic]”

In concluding her speech, Tyson said, “If we gonna boycott the Galleria, we gonna organize it and we gonna boycott them for real. [sic]”

Kyle Morris also contributes daily to Breitbart News. You can follow him on Twitter @RealKyleMorris.

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