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Janice Pride: Passionate about people, positive results – 2024 Women of Impact

Growing up the youngest of nine children in Florence, Janice Pride learned early on the value of working with others.  

“When you’re in a large family, you don’t know any different,” she said. “So sharing bedrooms and sharing bathrooms and setting your alarm early so that you could take a shower and do your hair before high school was just my life.”

Today, as senior vice president of Team Member Care at Bank Independent, Pride said her job is satisfying in helping team members succeed.  

“I’m really lucky to be able to work with people, that’s truly my place of joy,” said Pride.   

Pride’s role at the bank allows her to focus on the team member experience by leading strategic initiatives to create guardrails around the organization’s values and culture, and to prioritize succession and recruitment. 

“I’m passionate about customer service and I’m passionate about people,” she said.  

Pride’s passion for identifying leadership potential and providing development opportunities paved the way for the establishment of a Team Member Care department in 2021.  

She was promoted to vice president and asked to lead the new department.

“We are a department that focuses on the personal and professional growth of our team members and making sure they have what they need to do their jobs, to do their jobs well,” said Pride.  “We look at how we help them grow and be long term engaged and fulfilled as work team members.” 

Founded in 1947, today the Shoals area community bank is a regional force and recently named one of the “Best Companies to Work for in Alabama” by Business Alabama magazine and Best Companies Group. This is the fourth consecutive year that Bank Independent has made the list.

Bank Independent’s President and CEO Macke Mauldin said Pride’s role at the bank is vital.  

“Janice has always displayed the values that further our mission, to make a positive difference in people’s lives, every day,” said Mauldin.  The way she cares for our team members and our culture sets Bank Independent apart from other companies and she is the guardian of that culture. 

“Her steady leadership and ability to connect with people from any walk of life play an invaluable role in making Bank Independent an employer of choice and the bank of choice in the communities we serve throughout Alabama and undoubtedly make her a ‘Woman of Impact’. We are honored to have Janice on our team.”

Pride believes her role echoes Bank Independent’s role in our communities. 

“That’s what it’s all about, our mission is making a positive difference.” 

Despite her broad success in the banking industry, 20 years ago Pride did not initially picture herself as a banker.  

“My understanding of a bank was it’s just a place where you keep your savings and your checking account and you get your mortgage,” she said. “And at that time I didn’t know what it takes to run a bank, an organization.” 

An Auburn graduate, Pride came to Bank Independent following a 10-year career with the design house Billy Reid.  

“I’m still very passionate about the success of Billy’s company and what he’s been able to do for our community in Northwest Alabama,” Pride said. ‘ I think he’s just done some incredible things.”

Pride’s career at Billy Reid led to many relationships in the community, including one with Fennel Mauldin who recruited her to Bank Independent. 

Following Mauldin’s advice, Pride stepped into the role of employee assistance manager when she joined the Human Resources team at the bank in October 2013.  

“We really as a bank have the philosophy that if we take care of our people, our people take care of each other, our customers and our community, which is a big part of what Bank Independent is all about,” said Pride.  

In addition to her role as a senior vice president, Pride also serves as director of the Shoals Chamber of Commerce. 

“To see the revitalization, the arts, the talent that we have here, the music, all that’s just a part of me.” she said. “So I’m so proud of the growth and investments and to work for an organization that puts so much into our community.” 

Pride credits her family for much of her success.  

“They instilled in me a strong set of core values.,” she said. “I was raised with core values and our priority is to work and live by our values. That’s just been a part of who I am at the core.”

For those starting out in their careers, Pride’s advice is simple.   

“Try to find something that you really enjoy doing that you’re passionate about, that brings you satisfaction, then work hard and do the right thing.” she said.  

“I wanted to work really hard and be challenged. And to help others and serve others and I have just had incredible doors that opened for me.”

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