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Ivey campaign reacts to Maddox TV spot highlighting pro-life, pro-Second Amendment positions — ‘Takes lying to a whole new level’

Saturday, Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Walt Maddox dropped his first TV spot promoting his general election candidacy. In it, Maddox highlights his positions on the abortion issue and on gun rights.

Maddox explicitly states he is “pro-life” and “pro-Second Amendment” and vows never to put his “party ahead of the people” and to “never lie to you.”

Later in the day, Maddox Republican opponent Gov Kay Ivey’s campaign issued a statement accusing the Maddox of lying.

“Walt Maddox promises not to lie, yet he just told two lies in 30 seconds,” the Ivey campaign said in a statement. “That takes lying to a whole new level – even for a politician like Walt Maddox. When you look at his true position on abortion and the gun grabbing allies he pals around with, it’s clear Walt Maddox is too extreme for Alabama.”

Maddox’s critics are quick to point out possible contradictions on the abortion issue, given his alleged ties to Planned Parenthood’s political efforts and his opposition to the so-called pro-life “Amendment Two” on next month’s general election ballot. They also raise questions about his Second Amendment bona fides given he has yet to complete the National Rifle Association’s candidate survey and has received the endorsement of Moms Demand Action, a group that supports gun control measures.

@Jeff_Poor is a graduate of Auburn University and is the editor of Breitbart TV.