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Huntsville rabbi remembers Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims

Rabbi Stephen Listfield of Huntsville Conservative Synagogue is mourning the loss of the 11 lives lost in the tragic shooting that took place in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

Listfield, a rabbi at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh nine years ago, knew six of the victims killed in the mass shooting.

“We pray and we pray to God and among the prayers we say is for peace. We pray to learn how to love each other better,” Listfield told WAAY TV.

Rabbi Listfield remembered Rose Mallinger and two brothers Cecil and David Rosenthal, all of whom were killed Saturday.

“They were just as harmless and sweet and as innocent as could be,” Listfield said.

He added, speaking of two of the victims, “I remember that man very well. He was always joking. He and his wife were both killed. He would joke with his wife, and she would joke back with him. They just deserve to live their lives.”

Listfield also discussed gunman Robert Bower, who he views as more than just a shooter.

“He’s a murderer, a murderer!” he declared. “People need to know that this horrible person is a murderer. Our leaders need to know we will not tolerate a murderer.”

After speaking with other members of the Jewish community, Listfield told WAAY TV he wants to advance security to better protect the congregation.

“Until people in this country all learn how to love each other and accept each other, we’re going to have to be much more serious about security,” Listfield said.

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