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Committee finds no collusion — School superintendents say no to armed teachers — Hillary thinks you’re racist, and more in Dale Jackson’s 7 Things

1. GOP House Intelligence Committee finds there is no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign 

— The committee looked at Russian measures against the 2016 U.S., the U.S. response, links between Russians and the Trump and Clinton campaigns, and leaks of classified information.

— From the report: “We havea found no evidence of collusion, coordination, or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians.”

2. AL superintendents come out against allowing teachers to carry weapons, support more funding for mental health

— Hoover Superintendent  told lawmakers that the School Superintendents of Alabama and the Alabama Association of School Boards are not in favor of arming teachers, arguing the status quo is good enough.

— Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hall told the group, “It’s hard for me to swallow when you say ‘arm teachers'”, but he did say a school “marshal” may be necessary.

3. Hillary Clinton continues to blame everyone but herself for her election loss in 2016 Democrats truly believe

— Hillary Clinton was speaking at a conference in India and once agaain blamed James Comey for her election loss..

— She also feels women are weak and are controlled around by their bosses, husbands, and sons. “We don’t do well with married, white women [either],” she said. “Part of that is an identification with the Republican Party and [an] ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son… believes you should”.

4. Congressman Mo Brooks is torn on Trump’s tariffs and call Dog Jones’ victory a “major loss” for America

— Brooks told a crowd in Huntsville that the steel and aluminum industries may need protection but the tariffs could lead to retaliation against Alabama’s agriculture industry.

— His comments about Sen. Doug Jones were called “disappointing” by Jones, but Brooks stood by them explaining that the two men have very different set of beliefs and principles.

5. A judge wants the public to see the videos from the Parkland school shooting that authorities don’t

— A judge ruled the public will be able to see the video of the Broward County Sheriff’s office on Thursday at noon at the earliest.

— Local media outlets argued the public right to know outweighs the school system’s desire to keep camera locations confidential, which is absurd.

6. Convicted double murderer will receive settlement from state, could include a deal to not try to execute him again

— Doyle Lee Hamm’s execution was  truly botched, he suffered injuries to his groin, multiple puncture wounds, and he wanted to die.

— Court records show attorneys on all sides are having “substantial and very serious settlement discussions, and believe that this case can be settled in the near future”.

7. Another battleground district goes to the polls today

— President Trump went to PA-18 to try to drag Pennsylvania State Rep. Rick Saccone over the finish line in a district Trump won by 20 point, but the latest polls show Democrat Connor Lamb leading.

— Unless Saccone blows this out, it will further solidify the narrative that the GOP is collapsing while Democrats are surging.