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Hoover, Homewood getting internet connectivity upgrade with $500M C Spire investment

On Monday, C Spire, a telecommunications and technology services company, announced plans for expansion of its fiber gigabit broadband network. With a goal to deliver the best experiences in wireless, fiber internet and business IT solutions, the company plans to invest $500 million to include Hoover and Homewood in its network.

These two cities are the newest addition to an ever-increasing service area that includes ongoing work in Pelham and Helena. Trussville, Jasper, Tuscaloosa and Northport are already on gigabit speeds from C Spire. In addition, C Spire is expanding service to customers in Mobile and Baldwin Counties.

In a news release, C Spire highlighted how its fiber network was the ideal infrastructure for achieving 21st-century goals.

The company added, “Residents and businesses can experience symmetrical internet, meaning information is downloaded and uploaded at the same rates, with low latency and high bandwidth that enables entire households and businesses to operate on a single fiber connection without experiencing lag time.”

Ben Moncrief, C spire executive vice president for Alabama markets, said, “Getting fiber in the ground across Alabama is a high priority at C Spire, and we are investing $500 million over three years to get it done right.” C spire buries its fiber network to prevent issues in reliability from weather and accidents.

C Spire uses a crowd-sourcing business model to direct company investment in fiber to meet demand. Once a neighborhood reaches the company’s threshold, C Spire contractors start undergirding the area with fiber-optic infrastructure. Many mayors across the state have built near future economic plans around a plan reliant upon the power of a fiber network for business and residential requirements.

Moncrief further stated, “We go to the places where our services are demanded, whether by leadership, the citizens or both.”

With less than a third of all homes in Alabama being connected to a fiber network, increasing this infrastructure is a high priority. It is also a huge recruiting point when drawing businesses into a community as the economy has become more reliant on technology for how businesses connect with customers and provide services.