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HERO: Alabama Police Officer Puts Life on the Line to Search for Potential Flood Victims

HOOVER, Ala. — A Hoover Police Officer went to heroic lengths yesterday to check submerged cars for potential flood victims. Officer TJ Denson jumped into the six-foot-deep waters on Deo Dara Drive with the intent to rescue people after he saw a vehicle under the water.

“I said, well, it’s time to go swimming,” Denson told WBRC. “If there is somebody in that vehicle, we need to get to them. We need to help them.”

He told the local Fox affiliate that he made the decision in an instant, without much consideration for his own safety. But he said that type of action just comes with the territory of being an officer.

“It’s just something we’re asked to do when we’re put in those kind of situations,” he said.

Luckily, it turned out no one was inside the underwater vehicle. But Denson’s lack of certainty caused him to check anyway, and he said that there is no question he would do it again.