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Guest opinion: Tax increase liberals vote Katie Britt; Pro-family conservatives vote Mo Brooks

I am deeply concerned about the direction America is heading. Democrats and the Biden administration are destroying our country. Everything they do is wrong. That is why I speak up and make my voice heard in this critical Alabama Senate race.

That is also why I am compelled to respond to tax collector Brent McCarver’s guest opinion pushing Katie Britt and attacking Mo Brooks. McCarver is dead wrong. I have researched and educated myself about the best candidate to send to Washington, D.C. That candidate is Mo Brooks.

McCarver says Britt is a proven leader. Britt leads, all right, in raising taxes! But raising taxes is not the “leadership” pro-family conservatives want or can afford.
Katie Britt has PUBLICLY supported:

  • A 20% state income tax rate increase
  • A 25% car sales tax increase
  • A 4% sales tax on car and auto repairs
  • Doubling tobacco taxes
  • A 43% increase in utility taxes and higher utility bills
  • Doubling home sale taxes
  • Doubling car lease taxes
  • The 10-cent gasoline tax increase

Katie Britt told Mobile’s Chamber of Commerce: “We’ve had about 30 states that have increased their gas tax in the last few years and I certainly don’t want us to be last. I want us to lead!” Think about that. Katie Britt wants Alabama to LEAD in raising taxes. I don’t!
While Katie Britt’s tax increases give job security to tax collectors like Brent McCarver, they hurt hard-working, struggling families.

In contrast, Mo Brooks fought 2003’s $1.2 billion tax increase in the state-wide televised debates and ranked #1 out of 140 legislators in the fight against higher taxes. No other Senate candidate did that.

I want a proven tax increase fighter. That is Mo Brooks.

Britt and McCarver call Mo Brooks “an ineffective, do-nothing career politician.” Yet Mo Brooks’ congressional district led Alabama in job creation and economic growth during Mo Brooks’ tenure. That looks like “do-something” to me.

If you think about it, Britt and McCarver’s attacks on Mo Brooks insult the intelligence of former President Donald Trump, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ted Cruz and many other MAGA conservatives, all of whom support Mo Brooks for Senate.

Britt’s negative attacks do not help Britt escape the third place she is mired in nor does it help her make a run-off.

Britt and McCarver claim Mo Brooks is “the very definition of the Swamp” and is “accused of being one of the planners for the January 6 Capitol fiasco.” Ha!

Katie Britt has been a paid, registered lobbyist five of the last seven years, a “Swamp Creature” deluxe, yet Britt claims Mo Brooks is the Swamp?

Think about it. A good rule in politics is “follow the money.” If Mo Brooks is the Swamp, then why is Britt’s campaign supported with millions of dollars from Swamp special interest groups, especially those who prefer open borders and hiring illegal aliens and other cheap foreign laborers rather than paying American families a living wage?

The fact is special interest groups hate Mo Brooks because Mo Brooks supports America First, not the Swamp.

Britt and McCarver parrot false Democrat and fake news media claims that Mo Brooks caused the January 6 Capitol attack. Yet a Barack Obama-appointed federal judge ordered the exact opposite on Friday, finding there is NO credible evidence Congressman Mo Brooks caused anyone to do anything illegal on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol.

No question. Democrats and RINOs don’t want Mo Brooks in the U.S. Senate. They lie to stop him. Why? Because Mo Brooks believes in and fights for the foundational principles that have combined to make America the greatest nation in world history, and socialists much prefer RINOs who surrender when the going gets tough rather than a fighter like Mo Brooks who stops socialists dead in their tracks.

That’s why I encourage all Alabama citizens to vote for Mo Brooks. America needs Mo Brooks’ intellect, grit, and fight to stop socialism’s amoral march on America. America needs proven conservatives, not pretenders.

Roger Hill worked 20 years in coal mining as V. Pres. of Marketing for Nickel Plate Mining Co.; worked 35 years as owner of Southern Wholesale Jewelers; is a Vietnam War combat veteran; is past chairman of the Walker County Tea Party; is a 65-year member of Jasper’s First Baptist Church; and is a Constitutional Conservative.