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U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton: Katie Britt is a tough conservative fighter who will put America first

We need more conservative fighters like Katie Britt in the U.S. Senate — leaders who defend our rights, stand strong for the rule of law, and put Americans first.

As senator for Arkansas, I’ve been fighting every day to hold Joe Biden’s incompetent White House accountable and secure our porous southern border. I need more fighters like Katie in the Senate. A lot of politicians can talk the talk, but Katie Britt walks the walk. She is a tough conservative fighter who will put hardworking American families first. Katie will work tirelessly with me to protect our values and to stop Democrats from permanently changing our country.

Katie has released a detailed policy paper outlining how she will crack down on illegal immigration and fight for American workers, including her support of the RAISE Act. She will stand up to the Chinese Communist Party, back the blue, and work to combat the crushing inflation caused by the left’s reckless spending and radical agenda.

I have no doubt that Katie is the best choice for Alabama conservatives, and I’m all in to help her win. The stakes are too high—I’m asking you to join me and rally behind Katie’s candidacy and send another conservative fighter to shake things up in Washington and put America first.

Together, we will save the country we know and love for our children and our children’s children. Let’s preserve the American Dream for generations to come.

Tom Cotton represents Arkansas in the U.S. Senate. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army. Cotton currently serves on the Senate Committees on Armed Services, Intelligence, and the Judiciary.

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