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Goat Runs Wild Through Mountain Brook—Finally Captured

Courtesy of Mountain Brook Animal Control (Facebook)

A goat that has been running around Mountain Brook for about a week was finally captured Saturday afternoon. According to Fox 6 WBRC, Aristotle, a 2-year-old dwarf goat, managed to elude animal control officers on multiple occasions. Whenever they answered a call, the goat was nowhere to be seen.

However, little Aristotle met his match on Saturday when he found himself in the backyard of a home on Briarcliff Road. The Mountain Brook homeowner knew some friends in Pell City who handle goats, and called them to come wrangle Aristotle.

Greg Bailey manages a farm in Pell City and described the chase to WBRC. “The little goat was in the backyard. It was about a five-minute chase and we finally ended up having to run it into the Allen’s actual house in the porch, sun room type place and we ran him in there and was able to corner him and get him.”

Bailey took Aristotle back to his Pell City stables and hopes to find his owner soon. “He’s scared to death but other than that it was pretty funny, he don’t particularly like dogs, but other than that he’s doing great.  He’s a very healthy goat.  I’m sure the owners whoever they are would love to have him back.”

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