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Former Trump administration official Cliff Sims back in the music business

Cliff Sims, former Trump administration official and founder of Yellowhammer News, has returned to his roots in the music business with the release of a new single, “U, Ur Mom & Me.”

Sims is a former White House communications aide and deputy director for National Intelligence, and he penned the New York Times bestseller “Team of Vipers,” which was based on his time serving the 45th president. Prior to entering the political arena, Sims was the lead singer for the international touring band Moses.

This recent creative endeavor came out of the blue but was inspired by events too personal to let go by without some sort of outlet.

“I’m sure releasing music will come as a surprise to a lot of people, but life is too short to just be or do one thing,” Sims said. “If our lives are a story then we should at least write an interesting one.”

The song is the story of his family’s journey to adopt their young son from an orphanage in Colombia.

“I wanted to start with this song because it’s the most personal of them all,” explained Sims. “One year ago today, my son became a part of our family. This is the story of that journey, and I believe it will resonate with a lot of people.”

As part of the release, Sims produced a video providing greater detail behind the story.


Reaction to the news poured in from former Trump officials and notable national political figures:

“U, Ur Mom & Me” is available on all major streaming platforms, and the official lyric video is available at CliffSims.com.

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