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Fincher picks up Forestry Association endorsement

YH Chad Fincher

MONTGOMERY – ForestPAC, the Political Action Committee of the Alabama Forestry Association (AFA), has endorsed State Representative Chad Fincher, R-Semmes, in the race to succeed Jo Bonner as U.S. Representative for the 1st Congressional District.

Only days ago it seemed as if all the major state organizations were going to remain neutral in the AL-01 primary. With Forestry’s endorsement, Fincher picks up the backing of one of the state’s most active conservative groups. He also gets a leg up in some of the rural areas of the 1st District where the forestry industry is a huge player in economic development.

“Chad has been an outstanding state representative and will make a great addition to Congress,” said Chris Isaacson, Executive Vice President of AFA. “Growing up in a forestry family and now as a Registered Forester, Chad understands the challenges faced by the forest industry, which is one of the district’s largest job creators.”

Fincher called the endorsement a “major strategic boost” to his campaign, particularly in the district’s rural areas.

“This campaign is focused on overcoming overregulation by the Obama Administration to create better jobs throughout South Alabama, and there could be no bigger endorsement than the Forestry Association,” he said. “Campaigning in the rural counties in the district is more difficult because of their spread-out nature. I believe the Forestry endorsement will help convey to the thousands of voters in those counties whose are tied to forestry that I will be a Congressman who will protect their livelihood against the Obama Administration.”

News of the Forestry endorsement comes on the heels of D.C. based conservative group GOPAC spending $30,000 on television and dropping a second mail piece in support of Fincher’s candidacy.

The 1st Congressional District primary will take place Sept. 24.

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