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Family Guy hilariously reminds us how amazing Bo Jackson was in Tecmo Super Bowl (Video)

(Video above: Family Guy plays Tecmo Super Bowl)

Peter Griffin, the bumbling father on Fox’s hit animated series Family Guy, reminded the world this week how amazing Bo Jackson was.

Oh sure, he was amazing on both the baseball and football fields and was named “The Greatest Athlete of All Time” by ESPN, and that’s all well and good. But you may have forgotten how great video game Bo Jackson was on Tecmo Super Bowl, the 1991 Nintendo game that was the first to have “real” players from the NFL.

“I’m the Raiders, I’m Bo Jackson,” Griffin declares immediately upon picking up his controller.

“That’s no fair, Bo Jackson’s too fast!” Griffin’s friend Quagmire shoots back.

For the next 90 seconds Griffin taunts Quagmire as Jackson runs up and down the field evading the entire 11-man defense chasing him like children.

“You’re not really good, you’ve just got Bo Jackson!” Quagmire declares, giving us a sense of how SEC and NFL defensive coordinators felt for years.

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