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Family Cat Saves Alabama Couple From Fire

As reported by WSFA News, a couple was saved from a house fire earlier this week when their family cat came to the rescue. The fire occurred in a Dadeville home, and Fire Chief Keith Wilkerson said if it were not for the cat, the couple might not be here today.

According to the family, they were asleep in their bed when a fire broke out in the kitchen area. As the fire spread towards their room and without knowing the danger they were in, the cat jumped onto their bed a let them know something wasn’t right. Once awake, they realized they were only moments from being consumed in the blaze.

“If the cat had not been here, they may not be here today,” said Wilkerson.

The home and all their personal belongings were destroyed in the fire. Fortunately, the couple and the cat made it out of the home with only minor injuries.

Authorities have yet to determine the cause of the fire, however, they believe it was accidental in nature.

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