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YELLOWHAMMER PRESENTS: Alabama star entrepreneur Jim Cavale drops wisdom & wit in ‘Living Life on Purpose’


In partnership with Executive Lion, Yellowhammer is proud to present the first episode of “Living Life on Purpose”:

Jim Cavale interview show notes:

Who: Matt Wilson and Andrew Wells interview Birmingham’s Jim Cavale.
What: Jim Cavale is CEO of INFLCR and he is a serial entrepreneur, husband, father, leader and mentor.
Why: Jim has faced struggles in life and business and discusses how he overcame those to find success and live life on purpose.
3 Takeaways:
— No one is an overnight success. If things are good for you now, they are going to get bad. If things are bad for you now, they are going to get good. That’s life. Keep moving forward.
— Relationships are extremely important in life and business. Transactions are important but above all, value the people you are around you.
— God gives us all gifts, we need to use those to the best of our ability and focus on our strengths. You can improve your weaknesses, but ultimately, he made you a certain way for a reason. Focus on your gifts and maximize those talents to achieve your highest potential.