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Cheers to That Episode 9: Date night, done right (part one)

Are you bored with date night? Do you end up slouching in the same ‘ole movie theater seat or get stuck ordering the same burger every time you head out for a night on the town? Let’s start a new trend: date night, done right!

Today, Marshall and I get real about dating: the struggles, the necessity and the thrill of creating fun moments together! We have done all the research, asked all the experts and rounded up what we feel like is a pretty incredible list of unique ideas to help you get out of the date night rut and make your next night out (or in…) with your significant other one to remember. We even come up with some creative babysitting ideas so you will definitely be ready to calendar some fun. Join us as we put our heads together and set up some plans. Grab a cup. Let’s chat it up!