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EPIC: Auburn fan uses music playlist to troll Alabama fans

One Auburn fan decided to get creative with his Spotify playlist.

As you may be able to tell, he cleverly uses the titles of various songs to create an order reflecting Auburn Network announcer Rod Bramblett’s call of the “Kick Six” play that won the Iron Bowl for the Tigers in 2013. His title of the list, “Davis is gonna run it all the way back,” alludes to former Auburn player Chris Davis, who ran the kick back.

The playlist is an almost identical replication of the transcript of his description of the play on November 30th, 2013.

Bramblett’s original call reads, “Davis is going to run it all the way back. Auburn’s going to win the football game. Auburn’s going to win the football game. He ran the missed field goal back. He ran it back 109 yards. They’re not going to keep them off the field tonight. Holy Cow. Oh, my God. Auburn wins.”

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